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Old Five Points History of Area and Shopping Center

Old Five Points shopping center was purchased October 2, 1961, by Mrs. Eugenia Mesh. The three corners at Ashford-Dunwoody/Johnson Ferry Roads were known to neighbors as Mesh Corners because Mrs. Mesh owned them and was always nearby. 

Old Five Points is located on the old Ashford Plantation. Mrs. Ashford used to sit on her porch rocker and lament, “No one ever comes by this way.” If only she could see it now!

In the '40s across the road where the homes of Cambridge now sit was a big farm bounded on one side by the dirt road known as Johnson Ferry Road. When a passer-by crossed the fence simply to do an oil painting of the bucolic scene, the farm's owner saw him, and fired a shotgun to chase him off the land! 

The historical marker in front of Old Five Points Shopping Center recounts the skirmish between the North and the South before they fought their first battle at Peachtree. They veered off one another with only a few bullets fired, the Southern Army proceeding to Decatur and the Northern Army to the Plantation at Peachtree where Sherman spent the night. The grandson of Mrs. Mesh, Soren Ludwig, found an unspent Civil War Minie bullet under a big piece of flagstone on the knoll where Walgreen now stands. 

The historical marker also tells the history of the Old Cross Keys Post Office that once stood where the shopping center Old Five Points stands now.

Twenty years ago a sinkhole appeared in the parking lot of the Center the size of a car. It was the ancient brick-lined well that had refreshed travelers, and watered their horses in front of the ante-bellum post office.

As Peachtree-Dunwoody Road connects Peachtree to Dunwoody and Chamblee-Dunwoody Road connects Chamblee to Dunwoody, so does Ashford-Dunwoody Road connect Ashford to Dunwoody. The neighborhoods surrounding Old Five Points is known as Ashford.

Johnson Ferry Road is only 4 miles long. 




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